We offer a full suite of services to support growing brands in the China market. 

Our marketing services are centered around WeChat because we believe that with the right localized content, it is the most impactful and direct way to reach a brand's audience in China. 

We help brands establish and expand their business operations in China with a range of services including setting up a sales platform, warehousing, packaging, logistics, etc. - all to ensure that our client's products and services are seamlessly delivered and experienced. 




Barrier to entry is low.

Setting up a WeChat presence does not require a high initial investment or a need to demonstrate sales evidence and strong branding or reputation in China. This is often a challenge as major Chinese distributors and e-commerce platforms are selective and want to carry brands that have a proven sales track record  in China.

Provides an accurate analysis of customer behavior and purchasing patterns.

A presence on WeChat gathers data to provide an effective analysis of the brand’s target market, customer behaviour and purchasing patterns for planning future sales and marketing strategies.

*Source: 2017 WeChat User Intelligence Report)

**Source: “What’s next for China’s connected Consumers”, Nielsen, January 17, 2018

China's largest social media platform.

A presence on WeChat is the most time- and cost-effective way to reach a large audience. The app has 938 million monthly active users and at least a third of these users spend four hours or more on it per day*.

Demonstrates a brand's initial business performance in China.

Effective implementation and management of a brand’s WeChat account can demonstrate a brand’s initial traction and operational track record in China for further expansion within the market.

Used as sales platform and for marketing with comprehensive and integrated functionalities.

WeChat’s payment function makes it easy for consumers to purchase products and services online and offline. Users have also become more willing to engage in long term relationships with brands on the platform. In 2017, 51% of consumers from a Nielsen survey opened push notifications sent from a brand’s official WeChat account**.